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Here’s what social media sites your teens are using – a teen’s pespective

Hello! My name is Emily and I’ve been asked to blog about mental health and other issues related to teens and young adults. Being a teenager is hard enough but when you add emotional turmoil to that mixture it can … Continue reading

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Quick tips for your parenting toolbox

By Elizabeth Wine Children’s behavior can be challenging at times, and it can be helpful to have some strategies on hand to rely on when your patience wears thin.  Here are some easy to implement strategies to have in your … Continue reading

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Can you be an observer without comparing or judging?

This is part of a series on MINDFULNESS by Laurie Moffitt. This can be a difficult concept to grasp and practice. Most people have a stream of thoughts running through their heads most of the time. This stream often contains harsh, … Continue reading

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Coping with life transitions

By Michelle Scheu Life is a series of transitions beginning the day we are born.  Transitions are a time of growth, even if we view the transition as a loss at the time it is happening.  For example, going away … Continue reading

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I’m leaving for out-of-state college tomorrow, how I’m dealing with the transition

Transitions are an inevitable part of life – at some point all of us have to change some major aspect of our lives and when that happens we tend to get stressed. At least I do. This year I’m facing … Continue reading

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Change is not a bad thing, I promise

By Laurie Moffitt Last week, I had to stop at the store after a particularly hectic day. I was anxious to get home and just rest for a minute and stopping at the store is not my favorite chore. I … Continue reading

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