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Ways to help children affected by domestic violence

By Michelle Scheu In the 16th century, Martin Luther said, “Nothing good ever comes of violence.” 500 years later, I think that statement still rings true, especially in families and especially where children are concerned. We tend to think about … Continue reading

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Mindfulness – Frequently Asked Questions

When I try to quiet my mind, I find my thoughts wandering. How can I stop thinking about other things? This is a normal and expected. Mindfulness does not require that you stop thinking. Thoughts will pop up. The important … Continue reading

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Rising above allergy-related anxiety

By Elizabeth Wine For the majority of people, going to a restaurant, a friend’s house for dinner, a wedding, or a work lunch are mainly enjoyable activities.   However, for some people, these types of events can heighten anxiety. Potential danger … Continue reading

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Is group therapy for you?

It can be hard to work through problems alone. We often try talking to people who do not understand us and are not able to give us what we need. In group therapy, we meet with people that have similar … Continue reading

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Mindfulness and Depression – An exercise on bringing thoughts to the present moment

This is the fifth post in a series on mindfulness by Laurie Moffitt. Depression often includes thought patterns that focus on the negative parts of life. We may examine all of the things that make us feel less than our … Continue reading

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