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More on suicide

By Michelle Scheu For every person who commits suicide, there are a set of suicide loss survivors left behind.  Family, friends, acquaintances from work.  Each of these individuals is touched in some way by the choice to end one’s life.  … Continue reading

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Suicide happens every 13 minutes in America…

By Michelle Scheu Every 13 minutes someone in America succeeds at taking their own life.  Every 13 minutes. Official statistics show that in 2010 38,364 suicides were reported.  The true figures are probably higher. Suicide is the 10th leading cause … Continue reading

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In a complicated world, sometimes simple IS better

By Michelle Scheu January 18 is National Winnie-the-Pooh Day!  Pooh, although filled with fluff, had many insightful thoughts to share through author A.A. Milne.  In a complicated world, sometimes simple IS better. On kindness: “A little Consideration, a little Thought … Continue reading

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Good apps for tech newbies like me

  By Laurie Moffitt I was lucky enough to spend some time over the holidays with my children and my nieces. They were lucky enough to be able to teach me a few things about my new iPad. I have … Continue reading

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Human trafficking exists in Wichita, be informed (repost)

I recently attended a conference on Human Trafficking where this video was shown.  It is a powerful message that underscores the written word of our guest blogger, Laurie Moffitt.  Part of fighting the problem of human trafficking is understanding why … Continue reading

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Positive vs. Popular Role Models

By Elizabeth Wine The majority of Americans have probably heard about or seen footage of Miley Cyrus’ latest escapades.  Not only are some of her choices disturbing, she is also in the position to influence children and teens. The media … Continue reading

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