Good apps for tech newbies like me


457064183By Laurie Moffitt

I was lucky enough to spend some time over the holidays with my children and my nieces. They were lucky enough to be able to teach me a few things about my new iPad. I have been struggling with what kind of applications to download and how to determine if the available applications will work for me. I am not very knowledgeable about the internet or the iPad and the number of applications that are available can be overwhelming.  Here is a list and short description of free applications that I discovered were useful to me.

Google maps: If you are directionally impaired, like I am, this is a great travel application. Maps and turn by turn directions are provided for traveling by car, by foot, by bicycle or by bus. My favorite option allows me to map a trip that avoids major highways. This application allows you to organize tasks including your shopping and to do list. It is very handy to maintain my grocery list via the smartphone or the iPad. I am always frustrated when trying on new frames because I can’t see without my glasses. This application creates a three dimensional model of your face and allows you to virtually try on different frames for eyeglasses or sunglasses. The application creates a three dimensional video so it is really you, not an animated model.

Shazam: As a music lover, I often hear songs in a commercial or television program that I can’t identify. Shazam detects the music that is playing and provides you with the song title, artist and CD title.

Gibson learn and master: This is a great application for guitar players. It includes a metronome, electronic tuner, chords and lessons.

Springpad: This application allows you to organize electronic information and access it easily. It is a great way to organize recipes, projects or tasks.

Flipboard: This is a social news application the creates a magazine format of topics that interest you such as cooking, art, photography, music and includes the ability to see facebook and Instagram.

Sketchbook express: Turn your iPad into a sketch pad complete with pencil, paint and color applications.

I haven’t even considered game, music, art or photography applications. The list is endless and my time is limited, so today I will be happy with what I have already installed. Tomorrow I will search for movies, no music, maybe recipes…….

Happy apping!

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