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Kids will be kids…

By Amy Glendening Childhood is such a wonderful time of growth and exploration. During this time, children are learning a great deal about themselves and the world around them. They are constantly taking in information and finding new ways to test … Continue reading

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Summer Bucket List

By Jeanine Jantz Summer is quickly approaching as many of us are asking how are we going to keeps kids busy. Making a bucket list of things to do during the summer is a fun way to keep the excitement … Continue reading

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How to pick a therapist

by Michelle Scheu As a therapist, I am often asked to suggest a therapist for friends, family and co-workers. Therapy is a very individualized experience-there is no “one size fits all.” For therapy to be an effective change agent, it is important … Continue reading

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The Mind-Body Connection

By Amy Glendening Have you ever had any physical symptoms—not being able to sleep, on-going stomach pains, high blood pressure—and felt like typical treatments didn’t help? Your ailment may not be entirely physical.  There is such a strong connection between … Continue reading

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Time to Un-Plug!

By Elizabeth Wine, LSCSW Do you feel like you are developing carpal tunnel syndrome from texting? Are your eyes aching from computer strain? Congratulations, it sounds like you need to un-plug! There are many benefits to unplugging from technology, including … Continue reading

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