Lifespan Integration: Taking control of your unwanted thoughts and memories

By Jeanine JantzStressed Yng Lady_478210429

Have you been to therapy and continued to have the same undesired responses to situations as before therapy? Tired of talking about past events and still being plagued by unwanted thoughts and memories popping into your head? Talking about past traumatic events does not necessarily help people move past them. Adults who were abused in childhood often react in patterned, dysfunctional, and sometimes self-destructive ways. Many times when we have experienced life changing events our bodies hold onto these feelings. When these negative or traumatic life experiences occur within the first 1-2 years of life there may not be a conscious memory. However, these implicit memories can impact behaviors and emotions long after the experiences.  Lifespan Integration can complete integration of these implicit memories by processing the feelings and memories that our bodies hold onto. It can be an excellent treatment for trauma where other methods have failed.

Why can we talk about these events and yet have the same undesired responses or memories that distract us from our daily task. The body reacts before our mind can utilize what’s been learned in talk therapy. Connections have been made in the brain that supports these patterned, dysfunctional and sometimes self-destructive behaviors.  Lifespan Integration connects mind and body thus “proving” to our mind and bodies that the events are no longer occurring. The exciting thing about Lifespan Integration is that it heals without feeling re-traumatized. Creating this mind/body connection promotes rapid healing by gently, safely and discretely allowing individuals to access the right side of their brain, where memories of negative life events are held. What do you do in the session to access the right brain? During the actual session, you will create a timeline. After the timeline is completed, individuals are guided through their timeline like they have produced a movie of their life. Repeating this timeline creates new neurological connections, which provide the healing.

Through this integration and re-programming individuals are able to develop a solid core self-resulting in the ability to respond appropriately to current stressors in a healthy way. Children, adolescents and adults can benefit from Lifespan Integration as it will help reduce symptoms such as stress, worry and has even decreased physical pain. So take control of your unwanted thoughts and memories learn more about Lifespan Integration. It is an excellent way to increase self-acceptance and enjoy intimate relationships.

Want to read more about Lifespan Integration?

Lifespan Integration: Connecting Ego States through Time
Written by Peggy Pace M.A.

The Success and Strategies of Lifespan Integration: An Overview and Client Stories
Written by Cathy Thorpe, M.A.

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