Who we are

Picture 027 Elizabeth “Liz” Wine
I am a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker in Wichita, KS.  I currently work in a school setting, and am passionate about assisting parents and school staff to meet the needs of children.  While I see a variety of clients, I have a specific interest in treating anxiety, depression and selective mutism. I have spent a year teaching in Rwanda, and in my free time I enjoy reading, writing and laughing.  Please join me as I share my thoughts about making it easier to deal with problems life brings, both big and small.

Emily Davis
DSC_0128I’m Emily and I am starting my sophomore year in college. My mom is a therapist and asked me to write a blog from a young adult’s perspective so I hope I can do it justice. Once I graduate from my undergrad I plan to go on to veterinary school and hopefully become a great vet!


Jeanine Jantz
jeanine jantzI’m a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor by profession. I have worked in a hospital with children and adolescents during their mental health crises in addition to working with families involved in the foster care system. I enjoy working with children and adults from many different backgrounds helping them with depression, anxiety, parent-child conflict or overcoming trauma.

Now that you have read the “official” information of my career experience, here is a little bit about the real me.  I’m a full-time working mother, wife, daughter and sister trying to balance life while training young children (each with very different personalities). My philosophy as a therapist is that I believe that everyone is on their own personal journey. There are times along this journey where life appears to be going well and then times when unexpected events come crashing in on you and are soon interrupting your “happy” or the balance that you have found. I’ve decided to begin blogging as a way to help others find and maintain that balance in their own lives and maybe find a few short cuts and fun activities along the way.

Jennifer Primeaux
editI am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Art Therapist at FCS Counseling. I am passionate about counseling and helping people manage life. I enjoy learning from multiple perspectives, so I decided to blog to give people an additional perspective on topics that they may be trying to navigate in their own life. I hope the information you find on the blog is helpful.

Michelle Scheu
I am a Licensed Clinical Specialist Social Worker at FCS Counseling in Wichita, Kansas.   I am the parent of two amazing young adults and have worked with a number of young people over the years who have taught me much along the way.  I hope that this blog will spark discussion and new ways of thinking when you need a change of direction in your life

DSC_0168Dee Marsh
My name is Dee and I am a Licensed Addiction Counselor. I am new to FCS Counseling and to writing blogs. I enjoy trying new things and talking about recovery from addiction, so I am excited for this opportunity. My approach to counseling is that I believe there is more than one way for people to recover from addiction, and my responsibility is to help people find what works for them. I also believe that no matter what method people use it is important to have the right support and encouragement in order to be successful. Besides, sharing the journey makes it more fun. My hope is this blog will challenge some of the myths people have about addiction and encourage people in their own recovery or in supporting others in their recovery.

DSC_0102Diane Cunday-Allen
I am a licensed social worker, currently working as a school based therapist.  I have worked as an advocate for women in a domestic violence shelter and been a crisis therapist/supervisor at a community mental health center. I have had amazing experiences both professionally and personally serving others. I am blessed to have been married to my best friend for almost 18 years, together we have four amazing children. I love everything sports, useless trivia and family.



2 Responses to Who we are

  1. Patti Hall says:

    I’m enjoying looking around your site. Found you through the grief article, part 2. FYI, I don’t see the name for the last woman on this page…

    • infofcs says:

      Sorry about that! Her name is Amy Glendening – we’ve updated the info on our “about the blogger” page. We appreciate you pointing it out to us.

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