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Play is Powerful

By Liz Wine “Do you make toys in here?” “Wow, it’s like Disneyland!” “Cool office!” These are all comments that non-clients have stated about my office at school, even the older students know this is a special place that is unlike … Continue reading

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A little bit about play therapy

By Michelle Scheu Most people think of therapy as being an option only for adults, teens and perhaps pre-teen youth. The idea of traditional therapy i.e. sitting in a chair and talking about your problems for an hour is pretty … Continue reading

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“Are you guys ready to cry?”

By Liz Wine I recently went to a concert given by Mary Lambert (not to be confused with Miranda Lambert). Mary is an artist who has experienced significant trauma in her life and is also open about having bipolar disorder. … Continue reading

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When therapy goes wrong

By Michelle Scheu Things in your life are not going well. You made a decision to go to therapy. You checked out several therapists and picked one. You made it to the office and started telling your story, hoping life … Continue reading

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Spirituality and Mental Health

By Elizabeth Wine As a therapist, self-care is something I am constantly aware of and striving to do a better job at. I have found the greatest way that I personally can nurture my soul, is through spiritual practices. You … Continue reading

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What a therapist is. And isn’t.

By Michelle Scheu How is therapy different from a friendship? Both are relationships. In both, you choose a partner. You tell the other person your deepest, darkest secrets. You try to get advice.   It seems the same, right? But it … Continue reading

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Lifespan Integration: Taking control of your unwanted thoughts and memories

By Jeanine Jantz Have you been to therapy and continued to have the same undesired responses to situations as before therapy? Tired of talking about past events and still being plagued by unwanted thoughts and memories popping into your head? … Continue reading

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How to pick a therapist

by Michelle Scheu As a therapist, I am often asked to suggest a therapist for friends, family and co-workers. Therapy is a very individualized experience-there is no “one size fits all.” For therapy to be an effective change agent, it is important … Continue reading

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