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Lifespan Integration: Taking control of your unwanted thoughts and memories

By Jeanine Jantz Have you been to therapy and continued to have the same undesired responses to situations as before therapy? Tired of talking about past events and still being plagued by unwanted thoughts and memories popping into your head? … Continue reading

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Talking about Tornadoes 

By Liz Wine When natural disasters occur, it is normal for children and adults to become anxious. Here are several things you can do to lessen anxiety for yourself and your children Consider limiting the amount of TV exposure related … Continue reading

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Managing your worries about taking tests

By Elizabeth Wine This time of year tends to bring an array of testing, from state assessments to high school finals to college exams. Testing tends to be an event that can raise anxiety levels in many people, even those who … Continue reading

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Suicide happens every 13 minutes in America…

By Michelle Scheu Every 13 minutes someone in America succeeds at taking their own life.  Every 13 minutes. Official statistics show that in 2010 38,364 suicides were reported.  The true figures are probably higher. Suicide is the 10th leading cause … Continue reading

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Yet another life transition…the quarter=life crisis

By Amy Glendening Turning sweet 16, becoming a legal adult at 18, over the hill….these are all major life events that we celebrate (or possibly dread). One lesser known milestone is the Quarter-life Crisis, or the time of your life … Continue reading

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Rising above allergy-related anxiety

By Elizabeth Wine For the majority of people, going to a restaurant, a friend’s house for dinner, a wedding, or a work lunch are mainly enjoyable activities.   However, for some people, these types of events can heighten anxiety. Potential danger … Continue reading

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Techniques to help break the cycle of negative thinking by focusing on the present

This is the fourth post in a series on MINDFULENESS by Laurie Moffitt. Mindfulness requires living in the present moment and only the present moment. When feeling anxious, we are often thinking about the future, the past or the what … Continue reading

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Coping with life transitions

By Michelle Scheu Life is a series of transitions beginning the day we are born.  Transitions are a time of growth, even if we view the transition as a loss at the time it is happening.  For example, going away … Continue reading

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I’m leaving for out-of-state college tomorrow, how I’m dealing with the transition

Transitions are an inevitable part of life – at some point all of us have to change some major aspect of our lives and when that happens we tend to get stressed. At least I do. This year I’m facing … Continue reading

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Helpful Tips to Ease Family Travel Tension

By Elizabeth Wine You are 200 miles away from your destination, and your loved one is getting on your last nerve. Should you: Put in earplugs and give them evil glances. Argue about everything they say or do. Get out … Continue reading

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