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Bah Humbug!

By Liz Wine With less sunlight, shorter days and more stress, this time of the year can be a buzz-kill for many people. Tack on the stress of dealing with difficult family members, and trying to create the perfect holiday, … Continue reading

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Parents of the kids I work with want to know signs of drug use – this is what I tell them:

By Dee Marsh While teen use of alcohol and drugs is nothing new, drug use and terms have changed dramatically over time. Sitting around being groovy and toking on reefers is so last century.  Today’s teens have a lot of … Continue reading

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, it’s a helicopter parent!!

By Elizabeth Wine In today’s world where media and culture tend to warn us of perceived doom and gloom, parents have had the tendency to become very overprotective. Yes, there is value to keeping your child safe, but what about … Continue reading

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“Please and Thank You!”

By  Liz Wine September is Children’s Good Manners Month. Manners can be a difficult concept for children to master, so today I want to share with you some tips to work with children on manners! –Use role play with your … Continue reading

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When therapy goes wrong

By Michelle Scheu Things in your life are not going well. You made a decision to go to therapy. You checked out several therapists and picked one. You made it to the office and started telling your story, hoping life … Continue reading

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Got Supplies?

By Elizabeth Wine Markers and crayons and binders and pencils, lunch bags and lunch fees and Kleenex for sneezes, loose-leaf and college-ruled paper galore, these are a few of the school supplies! (to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from … Continue reading

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Lockers, Passing Time and No Recess, Oh my!!

Tips for helping your pre-teen transition into middle school By Elizabeth Wine Making the transition from 5th to 6th grade can be very daunting. Even pre-teens that may appear to be calm about it, may be hiding some anxiety under … Continue reading

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Great Expectations

By Elizabeth Wine This morning, I went into the kitchen at work to get some ice for my water bottle. As I walked into the kitchen, a construction worker was setting up his tools for the day, including a large … Continue reading

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What a therapist is. And isn’t.

By Michelle Scheu How is therapy different from a friendship? Both are relationships. In both, you choose a partner. You tell the other person your deepest, darkest secrets. You try to get advice.   It seems the same, right? But it … Continue reading

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Create your own summer bucket list

By Jeanine Jantz Summer is here and many of us are asking how are we going to keeps kids busy for the next couple of months. Making a bucket list of things to do during the summer is a fun way to … Continue reading

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