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A little bit about play therapy

By Michelle Scheu Most people think of therapy as being an option only for adults, teens and perhaps pre-teen youth. The idea of traditional therapy i.e. sitting in a chair and talking about your problems for an hour is pretty … Continue reading

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“Are you guys ready to cry?”

By Liz Wine I recently went to a concert given by Mary Lambert (not to be confused with Miranda Lambert). Mary is an artist who has experienced significant trauma in her life and is also open about having bipolar disorder. … Continue reading

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Family stories can help us figure out who we are, how we want to live our lives in the face of adversity and how to view hurtful events in different ways

By Michelle Scheu November is Family Stories Month. What is a family story? A family story is one that has been handed down through the generations documenting the history of your family. I am very lucky that the religious heritage … Continue reading

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Recovering from Addiction

By Dee Marsh Addiction to alcohol and drugs has been recognized as a disease by the American Medical Association since 1956.  However, many in the throes of addiction and their families still struggle with the idea that addiction is a … Continue reading

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Lifespan Integration: Taking control of your unwanted thoughts and memories

By Jeanine Jantz Have you been to therapy and continued to have the same undesired responses to situations as before therapy? Tired of talking about past events and still being plagued by unwanted thoughts and memories popping into your head? … Continue reading

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How to pick a therapist

by Michelle Scheu As a therapist, I am often asked to suggest a therapist for friends, family and co-workers. Therapy is a very individualized experience-there is no “one size fits all.” For therapy to be an effective change agent, it is important … Continue reading

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The Mind-Body Connection

By Amy Glendening Have you ever had any physical symptoms—not being able to sleep, on-going stomach pains, high blood pressure—and felt like typical treatments didn’t help? Your ailment may not be entirely physical.  There is such a strong connection between … Continue reading

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Depression – think of it like a leaky faucet

By Jeanine Jantz Depression.  Sometimes a specific event can cause it to rise quickly but it can also creep up so slowly until you feel overwhelmed like there is no way out. Think of depression like a leaky faucet. Initially … Continue reading

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Mindfulness and Depression – An exercise on bringing thoughts to the present moment

This is the fifth post in a series on mindfulness by Laurie Moffitt. Depression often includes thought patterns that focus on the negative parts of life. We may examine all of the things that make us feel less than our … Continue reading

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