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Maybe my teenager and I communicate pretty well after all!

By Diane Allen Cunday Sometimes, talking to a teenager is like speaking a foreign language. Dr Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages, conducted several studies related to communication elements and came up with a statistic that ninety three percent of … Continue reading

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A little bit about play therapy

By Michelle Scheu Most people think of therapy as being an option only for adults, teens and perhaps pre-teen youth. The idea of traditional therapy i.e. sitting in a chair and talking about your problems for an hour is pretty … Continue reading

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Life lessons

By Elizabeth Wine The other evening I was waiting in line for a cashier at a store. In front of me were a mother and her young child, who was sobbing. As they approached the cashier, the child handed over … Continue reading

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Kids will be kids…

By Amy Glendening Childhood is such a wonderful time of growth and exploration. During this time, children are learning a great deal about themselves and the world around them. They are constantly taking in information and finding new ways to test … Continue reading

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Ways to help children affected by domestic violence

By Michelle Scheu In the 16th century, Martin Luther said, “Nothing good ever comes of violence.” 500 years later, I think that statement still rings true, especially in families and especially where children are concerned. We tend to think about … Continue reading

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Rising above allergy-related anxiety

By Elizabeth Wine For the majority of people, going to a restaurant, a friend’s house for dinner, a wedding, or a work lunch are mainly enjoyable activities.   However, for some people, these types of events can heighten anxiety. Potential danger … Continue reading

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Here’s what social media sites your teens are using – a teen’s pespective

Hello! My name is Emily and I’ve been asked to blog about mental health and other issues related to teens and young adults. Being a teenager is hard enough but when you add emotional turmoil to that mixture it can … Continue reading

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