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By Jennifer Primeaux Respect, by definition, is when we have admiration for someone or something that results from their abilities, qualities or achievements. People will have various definitions of respect, and how they define it may help us understand what … Continue reading

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Depression — is like a leaky faucet

By Jeanine Jantz Depression. Sometimes a specific event can cause it to rise quickly but it can also creep up so slowly until you feel overwhelmed like there is no way out. Think of depression like a leaky faucet. Initially, … Continue reading

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Spirituality and Mental Health

By Elizabeth Wine As a therapist, self-care is something I am constantly aware of and striving to do a better job at. I have found the greatest way that I personally can nurture my soul, is through spiritual practices. You … Continue reading

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What are you reading right now?

By Laurie Moffitt, guest blogger When I find myself feeling completely overwhelmed, tired and stressed out by life, I like to curl up on the couch with a book. One of my favorite pastimes is reading. I love the feel … Continue reading

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Stress Management for Educators

  By Elizabeth Wine Educators today face a myriad of stresses.  State assessments, behavior concerns, report cards, administrative tasks, lesson planning, the list is endless.  An article from http://thejournal.com/articles/2011/11/03/teacher-burnout.aspx states that “research shows the teaching profession has the highest burnout … Continue reading

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I promise to play more in 2014, how about you?

By Laurie Moffitt I am a worker, I always have been. At some point, I learned that people value work, life is serious and a person of value is a person of accomplishment. Today, I no longer believe that accomplishment … Continue reading

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More on suicide

By Michelle Scheu For every person who commits suicide, there are a set of suicide loss survivors left behind.  Family, friends, acquaintances from work.  Each of these individuals is touched in some way by the choice to end one’s life.  … Continue reading

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Recording Gratitude

By Elizabeth Wine Gratitude can be difficult to achieve, especially when someone is in difficult circumstances.  However, I have found that taking time at the start of each day to jot down three things that I am grateful for, helps … Continue reading

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Will life ever be good again? Living with Grief.

                                                                   This is the first post in a series about Grief By Laurie Moffitt After experiencing loss, it often seems like life will never feel good again. The world turns upside down and things look strange, out of place, different. … Continue reading

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