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Bah Humbug!

By Liz Wine With less sunlight, shorter days and more stress, this time of the year can be a buzz-kill for many people. Tack on the stress of dealing with difficult family members, and trying to create the perfect holiday, … Continue reading

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Get back on the horse!

By Elizabeth Wine One of my passions outside of work is horseback riding. When I was in high school riding was major extracurricular activity and I enjoyed jumping competitions. As an adult, I find riding to be a great source … Continue reading

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Lifespan Integration: Taking control of your unwanted thoughts and memories

By Jeanine Jantz Have you been to therapy and continued to have the same undesired responses to situations as before therapy? Tired of talking about past events and still being plagued by unwanted thoughts and memories popping into your head? … Continue reading

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Kids will be kids…

By Amy Glendening Childhood is such a wonderful time of growth and exploration. During this time, children are learning a great deal about themselves and the world around them. They are constantly taking in information and finding new ways to test … Continue reading

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The Mind-Body Connection

By Amy Glendening Have you ever had any physical symptoms—not being able to sleep, on-going stomach pains, high blood pressure—and felt like typical treatments didn’t help? Your ailment may not be entirely physical.  There is such a strong connection between … Continue reading

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Time to Un-Plug!

By Elizabeth Wine, LSCSW Do you feel like you are developing carpal tunnel syndrome from texting? Are your eyes aching from computer strain? Congratulations, it sounds like you need to un-plug! There are many benefits to unplugging from technology, including … Continue reading

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Talking about Tornadoes 

By Liz Wine When natural disasters occur, it is normal for children and adults to become anxious. Here are several things you can do to lessen anxiety for yourself and your children Consider limiting the amount of TV exposure related … Continue reading

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Stress Management for Educators

  By Elizabeth Wine Educators today face a myriad of stresses.  State assessments, behavior concerns, report cards, administrative tasks, lesson planning, the list is endless.  An article from http://thejournal.com/articles/2011/11/03/teacher-burnout.aspx states that “research shows the teaching profession has the highest burnout … Continue reading

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Managing your worries about taking tests

By Elizabeth Wine This time of year tends to bring an array of testing, from state assessments to high school finals to college exams. Testing tends to be an event that can raise anxiety levels in many people, even those who … Continue reading

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Depression – think of it like a leaky faucet

By Jeanine Jantz Depression.  Sometimes a specific event can cause it to rise quickly but it can also creep up so slowly until you feel overwhelmed like there is no way out. Think of depression like a leaky faucet. Initially … Continue reading

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